Tomb of Leonardo de Vinci

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The tomb of Leonardo de Vinci can be found in the chapel at Chateau d'Amboise in the Loire Valley of France.

The inscription above the tomb is written in both French and Italian and translates as follows:

"Leonardo de Vinci - Born at Vinci near Florence on April 14th, 1452, spent the last three years of his life at Amboise in the Manoir du Clos Luce at the invitation of the King, Francois 1st."

Tomb of Leonardo De Vinci in Amboise France
Tomb of Leonardo De Vinci, Amboise France

Leonardo de Vinci died at Chateau d'Amboise on May 2, 1519 and was buried, as per his wishes, at the Collegiale Saint-Florentin Church which was destroyed in 1807.

His remains were removed in 1863 and transferred to this chapel that overlooks the Loire River Valley.

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